Our product

We offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary taste suggestions of fresh cooked daily dishes and shape our services according to your needs.

Freshly baked snacks, sweet and savory pies & sandwiches.

Wide range of standardized savory and sweet snacks. As well as a wide variety of organic snacks and healthy food snacks with cereals, nuts and other super foods.

We offer high quality coffees of all kinds. Coffee is prepared by our expert baristas who present you the available varieties, followed by a coffee-tasting procedure at your premises to choose the blend of coffee that suits you.

In addition you will find a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, teas, fruit and vegetable juices and wide range of soft drinks with or without sugar/stevia, or organic etc.

Production control

Our priority is based on the quality of the raw materials we use, something that requires constant research.

In order to ensure the best possible quality of the final product and service, in all facilities and production units of Estia Food Experts high standards of quality, hygiene and safety are applied.

Quality audits take place at all phases of product life cycle from ordering raw materials, storage up to the preparation.