Our venues

Our venues are distinguished for their special and ergonomic architectural design and are configured to promote the provision of high-quality services. Our partners in the field of architecture, create the appropriate design according to the needs and requirements of each customer.

In our premises you can enjoy daily cooked meals, from the most traditional to the most gourmet dishes, fresh salads, desserts, sweets and savory snacks, puff pastry, original beverages and fresh juices, as well as excellent quality coffee.

All areas have a quality assurance system and provide food services with the possibility of creating specialized menu options according to the needs of each clientele. The facilities have been tailored to the requirements of the food safety management system standards. The equipment meets all health and safety requirements and is continuously renewed according to cutting-edge technology.

AMC - Metropolitan College of Piraeus

Τhe cafeteria – snack bar which is located in AMC College, Piraeus Campus, operates since September 2018.

It is a high standard canteen with ultramodern design and a wide variety of snacks, fresh small – meals and beverages, serving daily 600 – 700 students and staff.

Nielsen - Media 24

The cafeteria – restaurant located in the building that houses the offices of the two companies on Syngrou Avenue in the area of Kallithea, operates since September 2019.

A cafeteria-restaurant of high standards, with ergonomic design – where we offer daily choices of freshly cooked food as well as a wide variety of snacks and beverages. The site serves daily 300 – 400 employees and associates of the companies.